Greg Grigoriou teams up with @DesignGrinds on Instagram


I'm very excited to announce that starting in March 2018 my work and insights can be seen on instagram's  as part of an ongoing curation and design partnership.

The cannabis industry is in a unique phase with pending legalization and acceptance in several countries, and U.S. states.  With this rapid shift toward acceptance, there has been a groundswell of new talent and innovation moving into the space.

Starting in April I'll be assisting the Instagram community to chronicle the changes happening in the design and innovation of cannabis products, art, and business.  You can expect to see incredible examples of edibles packaging, vape technology, clothing, and artwork.

I created the minimalist @DesignGrinds identity and integrated it into an add campaign featuring lifestyle illustration.

DesignGrinds has grown to nearly 1000 followers in it's first month, and has become a trusted source for sharing exciting new design developments in the medical and recreational cannabis space.